Road Rally

What is Road Rally?

Unlike traditional car races that focus on speed, SCCA Road Rallies are primarily about precision driving and navigation. Rallies are held on public roads and adhere to all traffic regulations. Unlike other SCCA disciplines, Road Rally typically requires a team consisting of a driver and a navigator. The driver focuses on the road and driving, while the navigator handles the timing, directions, and calculations. Road rally is an excellent sport for those who love to drive their cars but are leery of pushing them to the limits on a track - perfect for those who enjoy cruising, “Sunday drives”, or who crave competition without the risks associated with performance driving, autocrosses, or track based events. 

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Buccaneer Region of the SCCA Road Rally Jacksonville
Road Rally Buccaneer Region of the SCCA
Buccaneer Region of the SCCA Road Rally Savannah

Event Information

Road Rally

  • Road Rally Event 1
  • January 20, 2024
    Hardee's in Pooler, GA

  • Road Rally Event 2
  • May 4, 2024
    Dunkin Donuts at 12709 Bartram Park Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32258

  • Road Rally Event 4
  • August 17, 2024
    Kingsley Pumpkin Shack Rally
    Jacksonville/Amelia Island, FL

  • Road Rally Event 5
  • November 16, 2024
    Heart of Buccaneer Rally
    Brunswick/Darien, GA

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There are several types of SCCA Road Rallies: Touring (i.e. TSD or time-speed-distance), GTA (game-tour-adventure, i.e. poker run), and Trek (organized cruise/convoy with a leader). While the Buccaneer Region Road Rally program is just getting started, the most common style event is a Touring/TSD rally. In a TSD rally, competitors are given a set of instructions that include a route and specific speeds to maintain. The goal is to arrive at checkpoints along the route at the correct time - not early or late, based on the prescribed speeds and distances. Precision in timing and adherence to the route are crucial. We leverage the Richta Rally suite of mobile applications that allow unmanned checkpoints and real-time scoring during events. A typical road rally will last around two hours in duration. 

Any person over 18 with a valid driver's license with any insured, street legal vehicle can participate. Since events are held on public roads, there are no advanced safety equipment requirements nor car restrictions, other than meeting the state’s guidelines for road legality and having the state’s minimum requirements for automobile insurance. Participants are encouraged to leverage a comfortable car, or a car they enjoy driving and riding in for an extended period of time. 

For Buccaneer Region events, pre-registration via motorsportsreg is required. All participants must be SCCA members but for those who are not SCCA members, weekend memberships are required for the driver. Passengers/navigators do not need to pay the weekend membership fee, but must complete a weekend membership form. 

For more information on the sport of SCCA Road Rally, visit SCCA Road Rally Information