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BOard of Directors Nominees

North Chapter

Don Johnson

My wife, Laura, and I joined the SCCA in 2002 in the Mississippi Region, where we participated in autocross, and I crewed for two of our members who raced a Datsun 280Z in Improved Touring class.  Laura and I both gained our Solo Safety Steward license our second year, and I was the membership chair and newsletter editor during our third year with the region, before moving in mid-2004.

We began participating in autocross with the Coastal Empire Club during 2004, and I became the Solo Events Chairman for the Club in late-2005.  From then until the end of 2014, CE Club participation increased from the mid-30’s to an average of 82 per event, with 3 events over 100 during 2014.  During that time we added online registration, replaced the timing computers, purchased a wireless timing system, and developed a reputation for holding well run and enjoyable events, with a talented and versatile core group of volunteers.  Derrick Taylor took over for 2015 and is continuing our success!

I was nominated to the Board of Directors as Member-at-Large in 2009.  Since that time I have tried to cooperate and work with the other board members to continue and grow the Buccaneer Region programs.  During this time, the region has been challenged by changes in SCCA club racing programs that took away two National Races per year from our region, along with changes in licensing requirements that has significantly reduced participation in our annual racing school. 
I was elected by the BOD as Regional Executive for 2015.  I wish to thank my predecessor, Ted Migchelbrink, and hope to continue the success of our Region.

During 2015, with the cooperation of the Board of Directors, we have made progress;

  • We have developed an improved timeline for obtaining necessary paperwork for club racing events so that they can be advertised and opened for registration sooner.
  • We have a new Event Chair for our “Last Chance Time Trials and PDX” in November, who has been proactive in recruiting his team for the event,  obtaining event sanctions and insurance, and coordinating advertisement and online pre-registration 

We have also worked with track management to make changes and improvements at Roebling Road Raceway;

  • Standardized contracts for renters and an active online events calendar
  • Improved safety procedures for track crossing and emergency response.
  • Maintenance Equipment upgrades and additions
  • Refurbished gas pumps and an automated credit card payment system.
  • Developed an organized plan for deferring taxes on savings for future capital improvements, including track repaving and building projects.

I would like to ask for your vote for re-election to the Buccaneer Region Board of Directors, so that we can continue our support and improvement of the Region, its programs and members experience!


Chris Ronson Sr

I have been a continuous SCCA member since 1969.  I am 68 years old, and nearing my second retirement.  I now live in Brunswick, GA and have raced many different cars in SCCA regionals, Nationals, and Pro.  My first SCCA race was in a Lotus 61 at Lime Rock in 1969.    I have also raced professionally in the American Cities Racing League (a Sports 2000 West Coast Series), IMSA, Sports Car, and Grand AM.  I also raced with many Vintage Clubs as well as Historic Grand Prix when I owned Graham Hill’s last Embassy Hill F1 car.  I was the NorPac Division Champ and SFO region champ in FF and went to the runoffs at Mid-Ohio in 1994.  I also was the AP champ in a West Coast Vintage Series in my AP 1966 Corvette that year.  My most notable pro class victory was at the Rolex 24 at Daytona in a prototype Kudzu with Jim Downing in 2001.  As a member of Jim's team for many years, we shared a number of podium finishes.

I have a BSc degree from Syracuse University and have had a long business, financial, and entrepreneur career, working for Sysco Foods, and the numerous businesses that I have owned.  At Sysco for 10 years as VP Merchandising and President of their Compton Foods division, I managed a department with over 300 employees.  I left Sysco to purchase my own business in California.   I have managed muti-million dollar budgets and banking relationships for many years and was a financial and turnaround specialist during my later consulting years after I sold my business.

I served in the U S Army Reserves from 1969 to 1975 as a Combat Medic and Hematology Lab technician.

While I have been active with SCCA for many years as a participant, and knowing that the time my business demands is reducing, I will now be able to devote the time and energy necessary to give back to the organization that help develop my racing career.   

Being new to the Buccaneer Region, I know I will have a lot to learn about the activities and issues of this region, but I have always been a fast learner and look forward to this challenge.  I also know that I need to understand what you, the members of this region want to accomplish going forward so I can help facilitate its growth and continued success.

Lee Stanley

I’ve been a member of the SCCA for the past twelve years.  Over those years I have served the club as a grid and pit lane volunteer.  I’ve been grid chief for the Atlanta Region for one year, grid and pit lane chief for the Buccaneer Region for the last nine years, and Divisional Administrator for the Southeast Division for the last two years.  One of the things I’m most proud of during my years as a pit and grid volunteer, however, was being asked to be the pit lane chief for this year’s National Championship RunOffs in my first year attending the event.

I have been a member at large of the Buccaneer Region Board of Directors for the last two years.  I have served in this capacity with pride.  It has been very fulfilling to give back to a club and a region that has given me so much over the years.  I’ve come to realize that the SCCA is a second family and I would be honored to receive your vote to continue my service on your Board of Directors.

Joe Tobin

As an SCCA member for the last ten or so years, and completing Double Drivers School at RRR in 2006,   I have raced in SCCA in ITR, E Prod in my Porsche 944, and currently participate in Spec Miata at the Majors and Regional level.

I raced three weekends this year at the Majors, SAARC, and ECR levels, at Sebring, Road Atlanta, and Barber, and I will participate in the SIC at RRR on Oct 10.

After competing in over 100 races in SCCA, PCA, BMW, PBOC, and Chump car, with numerous podium finishes, I believe I have the experience to bring some ideas and perspective that can help The Buccaneer Region of the SCCA, as we face some of our current challenges.  In my opinion, The SCCA has the BEST racecar drivers and BEST sportsmanship and competition in ALL of amateur road racing motorsports.  That is why, after trying all the rest, I have decided to currently only race in SCCA.

The members of the SCCA are our greatest asset and we must use this as the foundation for taking the SCCA forward and ensuring its continued viability.  The aging membership,  the manner in which we conduct our races, including registration, safety, and rules enforcement and our continued  stewardship of Roebling Road Raceway are some of the challenges we face in continuing to foster the best aspects of SCCA, and issues which I have the greatest passion.
I believe I can help and add some positive new energy to our leadership.

Tom Thompson

I started auto-crossing in 1972 and after running events for ten years, I joined the Washington DC region of the SCCA and started club racing in Showroom Stock.  In 2000, I decided to become more active in SCCA by also working events as a worker (Flagging and Communication) and then instructing in the PDX program at Summit Point.

After a career in Information Technology and Project Management, I retired with my family to Beaufort, SC and transferred my SCCA membership to the Buccaneer Region.  I have become familiar with the racetracks in the area by both driving the courses and working as a volunteer.

If elected as a member of the Board of Directors, I would search for ways to increase the participants from the Buccaneer Region in club racing and PDX track events.  Since this has been an issue in the past, I would work to turn this around.  Additionally, I think it is important to get a better understanding of why attendance at the race school is down and determine if there are changes we can do to increase participation at this event while keeping controls on the budget.

Having a strong personal interest in the Club Racing program and track events, I would welcome your vote and confidence in my experience and what I can bring to the Buccaneer Region as the newest member of your Board of Directors.

South Chapter


Fred Clark

Fred Clark has served on the Buccaneer Region BOD for a decade. His membership with the SCCA began in 1970, and he has been associated with the Buccaneer Region since 1982 as both a driver and a volunteer.

Fred has held numerous positions on a variety of committees at the regional, divisional, and national levels. His experience on the SCCA Club Racing Board, as the Divisional Administrator of Tech, and the SARC representative for the Buccaneer Region gives him knowledge about the inner workings of the SCCA and club racing at all levels as well as insight to what does and does not work in club racing.

Lincoln Buell

My name is Lincoln Buell and I am running for The Board of Directors, in the Southern Region.
I started Auto Crossing in 1984 and have been a Buccaneer member for 25 years, SCCA F&C, Club Racer, Course Marshal and Steward.

I am an ASE Automotive Technician and have owned my own automotive repair facility for over 10 years, dealing with all the management details of running a shop.

Over the years I have had the opportunities to participate in and gain working knowledge with several different clubs, including F-1, Tudor Series/IMSA, Indy Car, Chump Car and HSR.

I feel with my back ground, I would make a good addition to the Board of Directors for our region.

Mike King

Mike King is a 25-year member of the Buccaneer Region of the SCCA and a former Board of Directors member. He is a three time national solo champion, a road racer, and past solo chair for the Buccaneer Region. In addition, Mike is an instructor for the SCCA Starting Line School. As such, Mike King would bring a unique perspective to the Board of Directors that incorporates experience and understanding of club racing at all levels of participation.


Meetings and Information
Club Racing Information
  • July 2-3, 2016
    SEDIV Double SARRC/Double SECS/Single V8RRS
    Roebling Road Raceway
  • October 8-9, 2016
    SARRC Invitation Challenge/ ECR Finale
    Roebling Road Raceway
    Cancelled due to weather.
  • November 19-20, 2016
    Last Chance Double Track Trials and PDX
    Roebling Road Raceway
Solo Event Information
  • December 4, 2016
    Coastal Empire Event #11
    Hutchinson Island
  • December 11, 2016
    Jacksonville Event #11

    Amelia Island